Data & Evaluation Director


Aisha Miller Weiss Institute Fellow Aisha Miller is a Weiss Institute Fellow. The Institute was founded in 2017 by the pioneering nonprofit organization Say Yes to Education to help communities expand their capacity to support young people along the developmental pathway from early childhood to the attainment of a college degree or other postsecondary credential, and on from there to adult success. In her role as a Weiss Fellow, Miller provides technical expertise and support in the development and implementation of the Institute’s Postsecondary Planning System.

She previously guided the launch of the system in the Say Yes chapter in Guilford County, NC, as the Director of Data & Evaluation leveraging parent, student and educator support and involvement while integrating the data into the system’s service module.

Miller is currently a doctoral student studying Strategic Business Leadership in Regent University’s School of Business Leadership. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bennett College, where she majored in Communications and a Masters Degree in Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix.

She enjoys volunteering at her church, reading, and singing. She’s a wife and mother of four.